Exam Season - Summer 2023

This information is for UCM students who are sitting an exam between May - July 2023.

Other exam candidates may find the information useful but please check any guidance for your specific exam. 

What can you expect from the UCM Exams team?

  • To provide clear information
  • Take steps to help things run smoothly
  • To provide appropriate exam environments
  • Actively deal with any concerns
  • Knowledge and willingness to respond to queries in a timely manner

What do we expect from you?

  • Timely attendance
  • Your attention to instructions
  • No unnecessary disruptions
  • To be organised and bring the right equipment to your exam
  • Consideration for staff and other candidates

Things to remember:

Here's a handy checklist to help you be as prepared as possible for your exam, so that on the day all you need to focus on is doing your best. 

  • If you're unwell, late for reasons beyond your control or have unusual circumstances that could impact your exam then call our reception team on 648200. 
  • Arrive in plenty of time - we suggest being at UCM 30 minutes before the start time. You'll need to be at the exam room at least 20 minutes before the exam. The Student Services team is providing calm spaces for a selection of the exams
  • Outside the exam room - go to the loo, wait to be called in, listen to the instructions from the invigilators, and be quiet because other exams may be running.
  • Invigilators are there to support you. Please treat them with respect and listen to their instructions. They are required to watch you and have to move around the room. 
  • Candidate seating - check the seating list outside the room or check with the invigilator. Please don't talk and make sure you follow the instructions given. 
  • Make sure you have the correct equipment. Below is a list of equipment you can/should take in with you. 
  • You're not allowed to take in any watches, phones, bags, coats, electronic devices or mascots. Any phones, electronic devices or watches must be switched off and put in your locker along with any other personal items. 
  • Make sure you have your student exam ID.
  • When you enter the exam room - remember that you must be silent. Check the front of the exam paper to make sure it's the right one, read all of the instructions and fill in your details on the front page when told to. 
  • Time management - only start when you're told to. During the exam be sure to keep track of the time left. There are no time prompts and it's not a race so use the time allowed effectively. The invigilator will warn you when there is 5 minutes left. 'Pens down' means stop - you're not allowed extra time to complete your sentence. 
  • When to raise your hand (invigilators can't help you understand or answer exam questions): 
    • If you need to go to the toilet - you will be escorted and a note will be made on the exam log BUT you can't leave the room in the first or last 20 minutes of the exam.

    • If you need extra paper – this is only given if you have used all the space in the answer booklet provided by the board. It must have your exam details at the top of each page and be attached to your exam paper at the end of the exam for marking. Invigilators will assist you with this.

    • If you have any genuine concerns, for example if you feel unwell, and an invigilator will come to you

  • At the end of your exam: close your paper as soon as the end of the exam is announced. Stay in your seat and remain quiet (you're still under exam conditions). Only leave the room when you are told to do so by the invigilator. Only take your personal belongings - you must leave questions papers, answer papers and rough work which is all returned to the exam board. 
  • When you leave the exam room please leave quickly and quietly as there may be others still doing exams nearby. 
  • Relax - give yourself a bit of time to relax after your exam.

Equipment you may need:

  • At least two black pens
  • At least two HB pencils
  • Protractor
  • Compass
  • Rubber
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Ruler
  • Calculator (no lid)
  • If you're using a pencil case it must be a clear one.
  • A clear water bottle with no labels

Don't forget your ID!

Results, post-results and certificates

Result dates

Check out the dates for result days.


Information about post-results services will be provided when you collect your results and depending on your awarding body, these may include:

  • Access to scripts
  • Clerical Check
  • Review of Marking

Any requests have to be submitted via the exams office and the request must be made by the candidate.

Top tip: check your grade boundaries first. 


Please let us know if your contact details change.

We will text or email you when it is time to collect your certificate. Please note, we don't send certificates in the post. 

If you can't collect them, you can arrange for someone to collect it on your behalf by sending an email to exams@ucm.ac.im

You should collect them within 12 months and you'll need to present a valid photographic ID.

Keep them safe; it can take time to get replacements and some employers insist on seeing them before you can start your new job!

Should you lose your certificate, or fail to collect them in time, you will need to contact the awarding body directly. This takes a number of weeks and you will be charged for any replacements.