Further education student handbook 2021/22

I am thrilled to welcome you to the University College Isle of Man and hope your time with us will be fulfilling, rewarding, memorable and fun!

You join us during strange times; this year the Coronavirus has impacted on our everyday lives in a number of ways. We cannot predict whether the pandemic will continue to cause problems, but if it does, you can be assured that we have a comprehensive range of health and safety measures ready to go which will help keep you as safe as possible. If we do need to put these in place, we would urge you please, to make it a priority to adhere to them.

One of these measures may change the way you study this year: if the Coronavirus returns you may be asked to work at home as well as attending College in-person.

We completely understand that this ‘blended learning’ approach will be new to you, but we want to assure you that we know exactly what we’re doing and that you will be given lots and lots of help and support with getting to grips with this different way of studying. UCM will also support you to ensure you have everything you need to successfully work from home.

Whilst we urge you always to put your studies first and strive to achieve the best results possible, we also encourage you to take part in the extra-curricular activities which are made available to you at UCM. Student Services and the Student Council put on a number of events and fundraisers throughout the year, and despite any changes we may have to make if the Coronavirus returns, all this will continue either in small groups and/or by communicating with you at home..

Look out for more information during induction and consider taking an active role in the Council (it’ll look great on your CV!).

You will also be offered the opportunity to complete the ‘UCM Employability Skills Course’, which gives you the chance to explore and practise the kinds of skills employers like their workforce to have. If you successfully complete this short course, you will receive a certificate, which will also look good on your CV and will certainly give you something to talk about during job interviews!

Please find below the list of information that you can find in this guide which has been designed to provide you with the key information about support services at UCM, as well as giving you more details about the fun things you can do whilst you’re here. 

But, if there is anything else you would like to know, if you feel you would like some personal advice and guidance, pop in to the Student Services Centre where one of team will be happy to help. We’re here to help you to be the best you can be.

Good luck with your studies and enjoy your time at UCM!


Lulu Gillow

Manager of Student Experience & Pastoral Care