Student Services

You can find Student Services at the Homefield Road site; turn left at Reception. Pop in for a chat or to make an appointment email .

Student Services staff are friendly and welcoming and here to support you during your time at College. There is some basic information about their services in this section and you will find out more, and meet the staff, during your first week at College.

You’ll also find information about their service on Its Learning, the College’s VLE and all our social media platforms.


  • Contact about course fees. Visit

  • Talk to Kim Evans about benefits and budgeting.
  • If you are struggling to manage financially, the UCM Student Emergency Fund may be able to help with things like course-related materials, internet access, household bills, etc.

Personal Wellbeing

  • Talk to one of the Student Welfare Officers if you are worried or upset by anything, no matter how big or small. They are here to listen without judgment and to work with you to find a way forward.
  • The Student Welfare Officers are here to help keep you safe and support you, so don’t hesitate to contact either of them if you are concerned about yourself or someone you know.
  • They can support you in your personal development by working with you to manage emotions, improve relationships, manage stress or anger, build confidence and prepare for exams or assessments.
  • They can also advise and support you in relation to your rights as a student or if you feel you are being treated unfairly.

Health and Wellbeing

Hannah May, the Health & Wellbeing Co-ordinator, can provide information and guidance about health-related topics such as proper nutrition and the importance of the physical activity. Hannah organises a number of virtual and actual events throughout the year which she will make sure you know about!

Weekly fitness classes and sports activities are held along with a weight loss/ management programme for students, and Hannah is on hand to advise students on diet and nutrition.

Hannah also co-ordinates the Student Council; contact her if you are interested in playing an active role in the Council.

Childcare Support Scheme

Student Services can provide advice on funding of childcare for full-time students with pre-school and younger children. They have up-to-date lists of government approved nurseries and childminders. Please contact Kim Evans for further information.

Contact Details

Abbie Smith                     


Kim Evans                                


Hannah May                 


Jamie Wight