Travel and buses

We recommend you travel to UCM by bus, as we have limited parking and we like to promote sustainable transport. For further information about bus travel to and from UCM, see here.

Depending on your age and how much you will use the bus, here are your options:

  1. Go easy: Smart Card

Going to use the bus a lot? Head down to the Welcome Centre in the Sea Terminal over the summer period and ask which Go easy card you are entitled to. You can get unlimited travel on Bus Vannin for 28 days which will cost between £40-£80 depending on your age.

  1. SCH3: Smart Card

Only planning to use the bus from your home to College and back? If you are 19 or under, and a full-time student you are entitled to a SCH3 smart card; this card will be valid during College term time on journeys to/from College. Your College
ID card must also be carried and shown to the driver. All journeys between home and College taken within the time limits, will cost 40p and will be deducted from the card each time it is used.

Still not sure what to do? Visit the Isle of Man Transport website or call 662525. Bus timetables available at

Please note you cannot get any concessionary travel on the X3 ‘Manx Express’ or ‘Hullad Oie’ (Night Owl).