IAB Level 1 Award in Book-Keeping (RQF)

What is the Course About?

Q3068 - IAB Level 1 Award in Manual Book-Keeping (September)

Q4084 - IAB Level 1 Award in Manual Book-Keeping (January)

Within the qualification, you have the opportunity to gain knowledge of basic manual bookkeeping routines concerning the documentation and process related to making and receiving payments, and you will gain an introduction to the process of keeping double entry re cords, preparing reconciliations and a trial balance.

On completion of the level, you will have developed your understanding of those transactions which are necessary for the day to day function of an accounting system and for processing of simple documents, with an emphasis on accuracy, integrity and security of data.

The Level 1 Award in Book-keeping qualification is specifically aimed at learners who wish to begin their studies of book-keeping. The qualification has been designed to appeal to individuals within the following groups:

  • Learners starting their studies in the subject of book-keeping from a point of no previous knowledge or experience.

  • Learners employed at a junior level with some limited basic book-keeping knowledge and skills, who want to formalise their competence by gaining a recognised accredited qualification in book-keeping. Learners returning to study and/or work after a study or career break.

  • Learners considering a change in career.

  • Learners considering a career as a self-employed practitioner.

  • Owners of a small business wanting an introduction to the function of book-keeping with a view to keeping financial records for their business.

What subjects will I study?

Introduction to book-keeping

  • Understanding the basics of double entry book-keeping

  • Understanding book-keeping terms

  • Recognising source documents and understand their purpose

  • Understanding the basics of VAT

  • Understanding the purpose of the trial balance and petty cash and bank reconciliations

Keep double entry records and prepare a trial balance

  • Using the journal

  • Recording transactions in a double entry book-keeping system

  • Preparing a trial balance

  • Prepare reconciliations

  • Reconciling the petty cash balance

  • Preparing a bank reconciliation statement

What are my progression and career options?

IAB Level 2 Certificate in Manual Bookkeeping.

IAB Qualifications provide a structured, flexible career progression, allowing you to develop the skills that you need, at your own pace. The IAB is increasingly being seen as the gateway to a financial career, whether to become a qualified and Registered Book-keeper, a Qualified Accounting Professional, or to enter careers in accountancy or university.

How will I be assessed?

A Knowledge Test and two Assignments are used for the purpose of assessing your competence in this qualification, and are completed online. In order to Pass the level, you must achieve a minimum of 70% on both the Knowledge Test and Assignments.

Entry requirements

To be announced, please contact UCM.