Level 2 Technical Diploma in Digital Technology

What is the Course About?

Digital technology is an integral part of all businesses today, from mobile and online presence to delivering reliable network connections, managing your information and backing up your data. Businesses rely on digital technology to manage and improve their customer communications, product/service delivery, financial management and staff training. To succeed in the digital economy, businesses are adapting to new methods and ways of working; shifting their focus from making and delivering things to helping customers achieve their goals.

The areas covered will cover include:

  • Installing, configuring and testing a computer system to given user requirements.

  • Investigating current and emerging technologies and how organisations use them to meet their business needs.

  • Understanding the threats to IT system security, and the methods used to protect against them.

  • Interpreting the needs of an organisation and how to design an appropriate information technology (IT) solution.

  • Collecting data, planning, creating and using databases, and presenting information to a range of audiences for given purposes.

  • Manipulating different types of data – you will produce visual representations of data and perform maintenance activities, finding solutions to produce a finished product.

What subjects will I study?

Unit 1: Setup and configure Technology Systems

Unit 2: Exploring Current and Emerging Technologies

Unit 3: Security Protection and Risk Management

Unit 5: IT Service Solutions

Unit 6: Database Tools and Techniques

Unit 9: Organisational Data Systems

What are my progression and career options?

Employment or further UCM Level 3 courses.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed by assignments, practical activities, including presentations, and project work and external assessments.

Entry requirements

3 GCSEs grade A to D