BA (Hons) Business Management

What is the Course About?

Change has always been a constant in the business world. Over recent times this change appears to have gained unprecedented speed and intensity. The forces shaping our world today are immense, complex, surprising and challenging.

More than ever, our prosperity, as organisations, societies and individuals, depends on the extent to which we can adapt to these forces and deploy them to our advantage.

Owners, managers and employees, at all levels, have an important part to play in this adaptation if business opportunities are to be realised. This means careful planning and monitoring, along with excellent management of stakeholder groups, finances and resources. Understanding the importance of effective communication, marketing activities, quality and, of course, customer care is essential, if organisations are to compete with others trading within the same arena.

We are proud of the relevance of our degree to the local and international business community. Through the first year of study in our Business Management degree you will develop a broad understanding of business organisations and the environment in which they function. You will develop this over the following two years, building upon your knowledge, to understand how businesses grow leaders, develop strategy, make decisions, organise their internal resources and manage risk and uncertainty in a fast changing and competitive environment.

We do this through a variety of teaching strategies, such as seminars, tutorials, case studies and visiting lecturers and entrepreneurs who are successful in their chosen field. This approach will facilitate you to develop the core skills fundamental to business success alongside the softer skills highly valued by the employer. These include key transferable skills such as organisational and time-management skills, self-management and communication skills, analysis and reporting skills with a business skew, of both a creative and analytical nature. You will also develop problem solving, decision making, logical thinking, strong communication skills and presentation and report writing skills together with numeracy and an understanding of how to interpret and use financial data.

These skills, coupled with business acumen, will make you highly employable, both locally and also further afield. To support the opportunity to travel, our business management degree offers the option to study or work abroad, either for a five week period or for a full year.

What subjects will I study?

The modules that you will study have been carefully designed to reflect the changing needs of the business environment and prepare you for a wide range of careers, including adequately supporting you in self-employment. In the first year all students will study six core modules. In the second and third years you will be able to personalise your learning through the selection of optional modules. These can be selected from any module and you will graduate with a degree in Business Management. If you choose modules from “specialist” areas you will graduate with a degree in that specialism.

If you study the following optional modules you will graduate with the following degree:

Business Management (Entrepreneurship)

  • BU5050 – Entrepreneurial Thought and Action

  • BU6032 – Managing Sustainable Ventures

Business Management (Finance)

  • BU5016 – Financial Decision Making

  • BU6303 – International Financial Management

  • BU6006 – Strategic Finance and Accounting

Business Management (Human Resource Management)

  • BU5003 – Human Resource Management

Plus at least one other from:

  • BU5050 – Entrepreneurial Thought and Action

  • BU5016 – Financial Decision Making

  • TM5022 – Marketing Management

At Level 6 both:

  • BU6027 – People Performance and Analytics

  • BU6008 – Leadership and Change Management

Business Management (Marketing)

  • TM5022 – Marketing Management

  • TM6014 – Marketing Communications

  • TM6003 – International and Global Marketing

What are my progression and career options?

All areas of society need strong leaders, managers, financial advisors and market savvy decision-makers. Our degree is designed to help you develop the wide range of skills needed within the multidisciplinary nature of business, and recognise the importance of understanding all the key elements needed to make a business successful.

We place a strong emphasis on the practical application of theory, through the use of case studies, problem-solving tasks, project and team work, and placement schemes, and we facilitate your development of the softer skills. When you leave us you will be a highly employable individual.

As such, our students progress into many different areas within the business environment and some continue their education with academic postgraduate programme, see our Postgraduate and Masters Professional Work Based Degrees.

How will I be assessed?

All modules, core and optional, are assessed through a combination of the following: written assignments and reports; presentations; portfolios of work and examination.

To be successful you shall be required to show a high level of commitment to your studies, prioritising your work and managing your time, and demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills.

Entry requirements

96 UCAS tariff points from a level 3* qualification –all subjects accepted.

*Level 3 qualifications include A levels, BTEC, Access, Irish Highers, International Baccalaureate, Welsh Baccalaureate, Scottish Advanced Highers and others –for a full list, please refer to the new UCAS tariff at