Certificate of Education in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (Evening)

What is the Course About?

6pm –Year 1 –Q3376-P1202

6pm –Year 2 –Q3377

This two-year, part-time adult teacher training course is accredited by the University of Chester. It is designed for teachers, tutors and trainers who are teaching, or intend to teach, their specialist subject in adult (post-16) education and training; this can include public, private and/or voluntary settings.

The first module can be undertaken as a stand-alone award for those who want only a practical introduction to teaching adults, resulting in the award of Introduction to Education and Training (IET) 20 credits at Level 4.

The Certificate of Education (Cert Ed) qualification is UK-endorsed and fully portable, granting 120 credits in total (60 credits for Year 1 and Year 2, respectively).

Classes are run weekly with three-hour sessions and you have the choice of afternoon (1-4 pm) or evening (6-9 pm) classes, subject to student numbers; first year on Mondays and second year on Tuesdays.

What Subjects Will I Study?

Year 1: three 20-credit modules (Level 4)

The focus in the first year is on the classroom environment and the key elements of the teaching and learning process. The concept of inclusive learning - helping all students achieve - is emphasised as an integral element of the course. These elements include planning, delivery and assessment, supported by a study of the principles and theories of learning. Different teaching methods and learning resources are explored, including strategies to promote interest and learning, as well as approaches to the assessment of learning and achievement.

If you are taking the full Cert Ed qualification, you are required to show evidence that you are applying what you have learned to enhance your own teaching practice.

Year 2: three 20-credit modules (Level 5)

The emphasis in the second year is the macro-environment of education, exploring the wider aspects of the professional practice of a teacher/trainer in the Lifelong Learning sector. Elements include curriculum development and a range of practical and conceptual influences and constraints that impact upon education in the sector, including local and national initiatives, policies and strategies. There is a strong focus on increasingly independent and individual research this year, with continued application of theory to your own teaching practice for ongoing development.

Teaching practice is an integral part of the whole course. It allows you to develop skills appropriate to teach your subject specialism by focusing on your own development, both as a learner and as a practitioner.

You will have the opportunity to consolidate your skills, knowledge and abilities, developing best practice through ongoing evaluation of your teaching and the impact you have on your learners' achievements.

What are my progression and career options?

This award is recognised by employers as the qualification of choice for a wide variety of teaching and training roles in the public and private sectors.

How will I be assessed?

You are assessed by means of written assignments and/or presentations for each of the modules, as well as by completion of a Professional Development Portfolio that reflects your commitment to ongoing development as a teacher and to meeting the Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers (ETF, 2014).

Entry requirements

  • An appropriate qualification in your intended teaching subject at Level 3 or above; or currently working in an appropriate teaching or training context.

  • Level 2 qualification in English/Literacy and Maths/Numeracy (GCSE grade C or above, or Functional Skills).

  • Computer literacy –you should be able to use email, the Internet and a word processing package. The ability to use spreadsheet and presentation software packages will be required later in the first year.

  • You will need to arrange a minimum of 50 hours of teaching or training practice per year with students aged 16+. Teaching practice group sizes may vary, ideally with a minimum of 12 learners, but the majority of the teaching practice must be to groups of five or more learners*.

  • An appropriately qualified Subject Mentor**.

*, **Teaching hours and a Subject Mentor are not requirements for the IET (the first module). However, experience of teaching does help to contextualise the course content, so applicants are encouraged to take advantage of any teaching opportunities.

This course has its own application, interview and selection process. If you decide to apply, please contact us to request an application form and further details. Interviews are normally held around May for the course starting in September, followed by a selection process before any places are offered. Early applications are encouraged, so that advice can be offered on any area(s) needing action prior to interview.