Dissertation Showcase

The 2022 UCM Research Festival - Dissertation Showcase

Date: Friday  23rd September

Time: 13.30-14.30

Location: UCM Nunnery Campus  


What is it?

The 2022 UCM Dissertation Showcase, challenges every graduates to share their dissertation research project in seven minutes in a short, engaging and clear presentation.


  • To engage and communicate clearly and briefly - your approach and your findings
  • To inspire & encourage those about to undertake a research project

The Showcase is part of the UCM 2022 Research Festival which is focuses on engaging, informing and inspiring UCM students and the wider public to the wonderful world of research and your Dissertations are part of that world. You have been recognised by your lectures as having achieved good quality and valuable research.

The theme this year is Secure, Vibrant & Sustainable which covers all your projects.

There will be a prize for the best presentation.

To enter email gail.corrin@ucm.ac.im with your name and topic and state whether you agree to be filmed or not (we would like to film the event as a learning resource for future students)

Entries close on Friday 9th September

How will it work?

In the seven minutes you should cover:

Topic - & why you wanted to research it

Methodology - how you went about

Results/findings - what you discovered

Impact – what difference did your research make (or could make) to your field of study or wider society. Link it to the theme of ‘Secure, Vibrant & Sustainable’.


  1. You can use a max of four PowerPoint Slides or a poster or props
  2. Slides must sent in advance to corrin@ucm.ac.im by 16th Sept. They will loaded onto the PC in the Nunnery lecture theatre.
  3. The presentations will be in the UCM Nunnery Campus
  4. Hopefully you will spend the day at the Research Festival but as a minimum please be ready from 12.50
  5. You will be asked to stop presenting after seven minutes and will get a one minute warning.
  6. Presentation order is decided by a draw & you will be advised on 16th Sept.

Research Presentation Tips: 

Remember who your audience are - that the people in front of you want to hear what you have to say, you have achieved something that they want to, you are important to them

Get them hooked

Aim to catch the attention of everyone. Start with a compelling hook that bridges the gap between something all your audience can relate to and your research.

Keep it simple

Answer the key questions: why, what and how? Doing day-to-day research can get you caught up in the fine details, but for presentations you need to be able to take a step back and communicate the essence of your research.

Share the big picture

How your findings could contribute to your field, and to wider society

Make it personal

Give your audience a feel for who you are. What interests you? What drives you? How does that shape your research?  

Cut the jargon

Don’t expect the audience to understand the jargon of your field. Use lay terms wherever possible to effectively communicate the rest of your message.

Simple is beautiful

Visual aids like PowerPoint can be useful to support and enhance what you’re saying, but be sure to avoid visual clutter and redundant information so you’re not competing for the audience’s attention.

Perfect your timekeeping

You have seven minutes so plan accordingly. Don’t try to fit too much in- a rushed presentation is harder to understand.

Practice makes perfect

Rehearse your presentation – your colleagues can comment on the content, and your family and friends will tell you if it’s clear and engaging