Secure Research Pathway

10:30: Weight Management Pathways in Health & Social Care in IOM

Presented by Sophie Hinks (UCM Lecturer)

This research explores the views of community nurses on the implementation of a local Weight Management Pathway (WMP). WMP’s are a recognised tool used to reduce levels of overweight and obesity and are recommended by both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), yet locally there is no WMP in place.

A qualitative interpretative phenomenological approach was employed and a focus group of community nursing staff was conducted. The data was then thematically analysed with the use of the Theoretical Domains Framework (TDF).

Participants acknowledged the lack of a current WMP, the potential benefits of a local WMP as well as the need for training in the use of the tool. They also identified potential barriers to its implementation such as the sensitivity of the subject, a lack of staff knowledge, patient’s willingness to change and communication systems.

11:00: The Challenges of conducting dementia research on the IOM

Georgie Keggin et al (Scholl Academic Centre, Hospice IOM)

11:30:The Impact of Brexit on the Identity of small British European Nations

Presented by: Prof Roland Brandtjen (Academic Head of Campus Berlin at the IU International University of Applied Science)

This paper considers an under-explored impact of the Brexit process, namely its effect on the collective identities of Small British-European Nations (SBENs). We hypothesize that, not only might economic and political issues be important consequences of Brexit, but so might changes in regional, national and European identities. This has major implications for various policy areas, including the relationship of SBENs with the European Union (EU) and Europe more generally, and their efforts to attain autonomy and independence. Quantitative data is used to analyze public opinion on this topic. Findings suggest that British and European identities are more likely to be statements of protection. Brexit seems to affect value perceptions towards Europe, the EU, and the United Kingdom. However, collective identities based on cultural factors seem to be less affected by the Brexit process.

13:00:To what extent does the lived experience of individuals with nystagmus reflect the medical definition and diagnosis?

Adam Melvin (UCM Lecturer)

13:30: What it means to be a healthy, diverse, equitable, inclusive society; the Island Plan 2021-26 and ensuring a just, safe Island, and one in which we all have a strong sense of belonging

Ella Magee (Removing Barriers)