University College Isle of Man Motor Vehicle Students Fuelled by Funds from Alan Robinson Masonic Bursary

Students in the Engineering Department at University College Isle of Man (UCM) are benefitting from the Alan Robinson Masonic Bursary which has recently been awarded to learners who have specifically chosen to become motor mechanics.


Tim Earl, spokesman for the Freemasons explained, “Alan Robinson was a long standing and very popular member of Glanfaba Lodge in Peel who left a substantial bequest to the Province. He was a happy and jovial character, an archetypal ‘Brummie’ who ran a very successful tyre fitting and supply business in the Midlands for many years which is why the bursary is linked to motor vehicle students.”


As well as addressing some individual needs, money from the bursary is being used to support all first year students by supplying them with protective clothing.


Kim Gray administers the bursary on behalf of UCM, “This is such a generous offer and it is already making a difference to students. When we researched how to make best use of the money, we were delighted to realise that it was possible to help all of them. Inevitably, the majority of students are managing on a reduced budget, and any extra cost can have a massive impact; it’s great to be able to off-set some of that by drawing on this fund.”


Plans are also in place to use this source of funding to purchase specialist equipment for use in the vehicle maintenance workshops. Kim explains, “The workshops are recently built and extremely well resourced, however this money will provide the opportunity to purchase new machinery and technologies over and above what is required by their course, this will enhance their learning and knowledge of motor vehicle for the future”.


In order to show its gratitude for the Alan Robinson Masonic Bursary a plaque is being commissioned which will be displayed in the Engineering Department.