UCM and Rugby Union IOM partner to enhance the future of sport on the Island

The Sport Department at the University College Isle of Man (UCM) is working with the Rugby Union Isle of Man (RUI) to provide the Isle of Man under-18 Rugby Sevens (Sevens) with sport analysis equipment and research expertise.  

Through this partnership, the squad will make use of UCM’s data capture equipment (GPS vests) during tournaments and for Jack Caine, a UCM foundation degree in sport coaching student, to act as the Rugby Union’s Sports Analyst.

John Lund, Sport Lecturer at UCM, is very excited about this partnership and the benefits it will provide for students, “This is a great opportunity to enhance what is taught at UCM. This project will give Jack the opportunity to apply his learning in ‘live’ tournaments and offer expertise to a team that represents the Island. This will certainly boost his portfolio as well as his confidence, which we hope will empower him to achieve his career aspirations.”

UCM offers a number of courses for those who wish to pursue a career in sport: Certificate in Activity Leadership (NVQ Level 2), Extended Diploma in Sport (Level 3), Foundation Degree in Sport Coaching, and Foundation Degree in Fitness & Health.

The students on sports courses are given numerous opportunities to apply their knowledge and expertise by involvement with a host of practical sporting activity across the Island such the Manx Youth Games and sporting events in local schools.

The Island’s Rugby Development Officer, Chris Brannigan commented, “As well as giving students this kind of ‘real-life’ experience, the courses run by UCM are great news for the Island, because they enable our up and coming sportsmen and women to stay on the Island, to continue playing for local teams and organisations. This means we retain our talent, which is fundamental to the future of sport on the Isle of Man.”

Chris is optimistic regarding the Sevens’ performance this season, especially with the analytical support provided by Jack, “We have such great talent in our 7-a-side squad and Jack’s in-put will be invaluable. I am looking forward to the upcoming matches lined up for the next couple of weeks,” Chris added.

John appreciates the support that RUI has provided, “We would like to thank the RUI for this partnership, as well as the Isle of Man Sport Council for their support. We have also started a similar collaboration the Vagabonds Rugby Club, and I hope that we can work together with other sporting associations on the Island in a similar capacity,” he concluded.