Podcasts on ‘#UCMTALKS About Covid’ Launched

University College Isle of Man (UCM) has introduced a summer series of online Covid-19 related talks, which offer fascinating insights into the current pandemic from diverse expert perspectives.

The seven-part series will see international scholars and UCM lecturers applying their expertise in areas such as genetics, psychology, history, medicine, economics and politics, to provide a varied perspective on what impact covid-19 has had upon their particular fields.

Gail Corrin, UCM Higher Education Development Manager, is excited for the release of these unique podcasts, “With such a wide variety of speakers, this is an excellent opportunity for the public to explore a range of scholarly fields, and hear how covid-19 is impacting each of these particular areas”.

“Although the pandemic has interrupted many aspects of our lives; how we work, socialise and think, it has also presented us with a unique opportunity to examine how the Island functions when society is disrupted”.

The series will gradually lead up to a live online debate which will be held on 8th July at 6pm on Zoom and also streamed on UCM Facebook page; it will focus on how each speaker would reconstruct their ideal ‘new normal’, in a post covid-19 society.

All talks which are between 10-15 minutes, are available for free via UCM website www.ucm.ac.im

- 10th June 2020: Powers in the Pandemic - The Manx experience with Dr. Peter W Edge, Professor of Law at Oxford Brookes University.

- 12th June 2020: Join the WEvolution, Co-creating our Future Now! with Carol Glover, Executive Coach.

- 17th June 2020: Old drugs for a new virus - Repurposing drugs for Covid-19 with Dr. Ken Mills, Chair of Experimental Haematology in the Centre for Cancer Research & Cell Biology, Queen’s University Belfast and Deputy Director, Centre for Biomedical Science Education.

-​ 19th June 2020: Cholera & Covid - A tale of Two Centuries with Andrea Heard, BA (Hons) History & Heritage.

- 24th July 2020: The Economics of Covid - Managing the Negative Economic Impact of Lockdown with Dr. Alistair Robertson, Lecturer in Computer Science at UCM, specialising in statistical methods and machine learning, data analytics consultant and machine learning systems author.

- 26th June 2020: Necessity is the Mother of Invention - IOM Covid Testing Lab and Genomics around the World with Dr. Rachel Glover, scientist, Founder of Taxa Genomics and UCM Honorary Fellow.

- 1st July 2020: Can Economic Recovery and Climate Action Go Hand in Hand after Covid-19? with Dr . Dave Quirk, Manx Geological Survey.

For more information on any of the #UCMtalks, visit ucm.ac.im/events/ucmtalks or to register for the live debate on the 8th of July 2020, please visit ucmtalksaboutcovid_reconstructingnormal.eventbrite.com