Innovative Internship Programme to Rethink Education, Launched for Manx Graduates

University College Isle of Man (UCM) is recruiting fresh Manx graduates as ‘Digital Learning Designers’ on an internship programme called, The Learning Company, that focuses on using technology to enhance teaching and learning.

This programme is just one in a series of new initiatives developed by UCM and the Department for Enterprise, to support certain target sectors on the Island, following on from the pandemic.

The 32-week paid internship programme calls for interns from a range of degree backgrounds including, Computing, IT, Graphic Design, Visual Communications, Marketing and English to develop a variety of engaging and motivational online course content for UCM and partner organisations.

Their scope of work ranges from concept to completion, as well as the continuous improvement of the online content; this includes translating traditional learning into online modules, developing digital assessments and creating custom artwork, animation and storyboard scripts. They will be involved in the marketing of courses, as well as analysing user data and feedback to identify quality enhancement opportunities.

Jo Pretty, Principal of UCM said, “We are excited to launch The Learning Company; it is a fantastic way for graduates to enhance their skills and knowledge in their respective areas of expertise, as well as develop valuable employability skills, in a controlled and ‘safe’ learning environment.

The need for technologically driven education has been on the rise, even more so now due to the pandemic. The outcome of this programme is vital in meeting current and future learning needs on the Island.”

Working closely amongst themselves as a group of Digital Learning Designers, interns will also be collaborating with a vast network of professionals, including the lecturing staff at UCM and industry partners. They will also undertake a range of relevant skills workshops and training during the internship.

Upon successful completion, interns could go on to progress to employment with local businesses, start-up their own businesses, continue in education research or move on to teacher training where they can then enhance their own online learning skills

“This unique programme is ideal for those who are analytical, creative, love a challenge and aspire to make an impact. The experience that they will gain will give these interns an added advantage in the competitive job market,” Jo continued.

Manx graduates who are interested in this internship programme are invited to attend the Learning Company Open Event on Wednesday 14th October 2020, 4pm at the Nunnery campus, Douglas. For more information, please see here or email