High School Taster Days

From: Thursday 15 June 2023 09:00 - To: Thursday 29 June 2023 15:00
Category : Open events

Throughout June pupils from High Schools from around the Island have been invited in for taster sessions. We've got an exciting programme of activities for our visitors to get involved without throughout the day. Below is some information about what you can expect from your visit. 

If you're unsure when you (or your young person if you're a parent) have been invited to a taster session please get in touch with your school.


  • Castle Rushen High School - 15th June 2023
  • Ramsey Grammar School - 22nd June 2023
  • Queen Elizabeth II High School - 27th June 2023
  • St Ninian's High School - 29th June 2023
  • Ballakermeen - date to be announced


  • This is a great opportunity for you to find out more about the opportunities available to you at UCM.
  • Before you come we ask you to choose which areas you'd like to visit whilst you’re at UCM. You'll have sessions in two of the three areas of your choice so you can discover more about what you could study with us. In vocational areas, you are likely to get a hands-on experience.
  • In between your two taster sessions we'll provide lunch and some fun activities. 


Choose from our wide subject areas including:

  • Art & Design - working in art and design does not just mean becoming an artist! Whether you want to work with animation, textiles, paint, digital art, ceramics, sound, web design or printmaking, our taster day will tell you about what’s available.
  • Animal Management - The animal management course covers topics such as animal breeding and genetics, animal biology, animal welfare, ethics and behaviour. Find out more during your taster session!
  • Beauty Therapy - if you have an interest in becoming a Beauty Therapist, visit our beauty training salon during your taster day to hear all about this exciting industry and learn manicure skills.
  • Business - do you see yourself working in marketing, as an accountant, managing events, human resources, running your own business? Find out more during your taster day!
  • Business Administration - do you see yourself working in an administration or managerial role? Your can find out more about the opportunities that await you in these sectors.
  • Childcare - do you want to be a key player in the development of young children? Come along and discover some of the items that are used in Childcare and Education settings.
  • Construction - thinking of becoming a bricklayer, carpenter, electrical installation technician, painter & decorator, plumber, or working in construction management? Explore your options during your taster day!
  • Creative Media Production & Technology - find out how you can develop a range of skills and identify a specialist focus in games design, animation, television, film, radio, and photography.
  • Engineering - ever wanted to know how Engineers design and create precision engineering components? Come along to our purpose built engineering facility at UCM and find out how.  You will be given the opportunity to generate a 3D CAD model, view the 3D model being manufactured on a CNC machine, and get the opportunity to take the final product home.
  • Forensic Science/ Science - ever wondered what it is like to be a Forensic Scientist? Come along to our laboratory session where you will learn about crime scene evidence and complete practical forensics activities.
  • Hairdressing - interested in becoming a hairdresser? Come along to our training salon where you can try out a variety of different styling techniques on our training heads under the expert supervision of our hair team.
  • Health & Social Care - come along and try out a range of communication activities to test out your communication skills. See how we can enable you to become and effective communicator so you can work with people in care settings?
  • Horticulture - find out about working with plants - from maintaining turf as a groundskeeper, to caring for plants as a gardener, to designing gardens and parks as a landscape artist!
  • Hospitality & Catering - would you like to become a chef, baker, waiter, bar tender or barista? Your taster day will tell you all about this exciting industry.
  • Information Technology - are you tech savvy and would like to enhance you skills to be producers of technology products and systems? Your taster session will tell you more!
  • Motor Vehicle - are you driven to know more about motor vehicles and explore possible opportunities with the motor vehicle sector? Come and find out about the occupations and job roles within the motor vehicle sector.
  • Music Performance & Production - are you a budding musician? Learn about how you can develop an awareness of approaches within music performance and production, develop creative solutions, adapt and safely use appropriate and practical methods for performing and producing
  • Sport - do you want to work in sports science, sports coaching, sports development and sports administration/management? Find out more about what you could do during your taster day!