Research Festival 2023

Join us for our 5th Annual Research Festival.

Date: 13th October 2023

Location: The Nunnery Campus

Theme: Secure, Vibrant, Sustainable

Hosted by UCM in partnership with researchers on and off the Island, Research Vannin is taking a collaborative approach to promoting a vibrant and productive research community through the sharing of resources, events and networking opportunities.

Our goal is to facilitate collaboration between researchers, on and off-Island; promote the reputation of Island-based research, and educate.

The theme of the 2023 Research Festival is Secure ,Vibrant, Sustainable in line with The Island Plan. 

The Research Festival offers students, independent researchers and guests alike the opportunity to listen to presentations, participate in research workshops and network over coffee and lunch in the impressive environs of UCM’s Nunnery campus. 

We are now seeking presentations – spoken & posters - of research for the 2023 Research Festival.

Find out how to submit your paper, presentation or research.


We are a proud Biosphere Isle of Man Partner and member of the Stakeholder Partnership Group.

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