Manx Students Union

Going into higher education on the Isle of Man is the perfect blend of enhancing your education and enjoying home. Students are vital to the Islands’ economy, culture and future - and you deserve to be recognised for this, to make the most of this time as a student. If you would like to change the way the Isle of Man views higher education while empowering yourself and the community then join the Manx Students’ Union.

On Facebook you will find a page called Manx Students' Union, this is for everyone, and the information provided on it is designed to promote a student-friendly culture on Island. If you are interested in becoming part of MSU please join our designated group for members-only. In this group, we have collated a series of useful resources for you and this is a student-only space to discuss how you feel about higher education. As students of higher education at UCM, you stand to gain the most from this venture - so please join us and make your voices heard.

Find out more at:

IMPORTANT: When joining the group please specify that you are in higher education at UCM, as we are only able to accept members who we know to be at this level.