Farjana Jaigirdar

Some people prefer to continue with their studies and specialise further after completing their degree and this was the case with Farjana Jaigirdar. So, after completing her undergraduate degree, she sign-up to the MA Business Entrepreneurship, a course that has provided her with the opportunity to start a career in policy within government. 

The MA Business Entrepreneurship course is designed for recent graduates just like Farjana, who are keen to begin their career whilst continuing their studies at master’s level. This full-time course combines advanced business practice and business theory development, and students have the opportunity to undertake a work-based consultancy project.

The course was suggested to Farjana once she completed her Health & Social Care degree, though at first, she wasn’t sure if it was suitable for her, “My tutor reassured me by explaining that this course did not require me to have a degree in a business-related discipline and was one that could help me develop a range of transferable skills which would be useful for my future career.”

Farjana is very pleased she took her tutor’s advice, “This course not only enabled me to enhance my analytical and researching skills, it also introduced me all kinds of work around policy and legislation, which I never thought I would be good in!” 

Individualised attention

Farjana appreciates the incredible personalised attention she receives from her tutors at UCM, as she realises that this may not be the case in other universities where class sizes are much bigger, “They (tutors) really work with you and support you to challenge yourself to find out what you are capable of.” 

Studying on Island 

Being able to study a Master’s degree locally was the ‘icing on the cake’ for Farjana, “I think it is absolutely amazing that I was able to do my Master’s here; in fact, I have already recommended this course to many of my friends who are apprehensive about leaving the Island.” 

Farjana is currently enjoying her role as a Climate Change Officer and intends to stay within the government to continue to work on policy and legislation projects.

For more information on the MA Business Entrepreneurship course, see here.

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