Hannah Caley

Celebrating VQ Day 2019

This week we're celebrating the achievements of students studying Vocational Qualifications at UCM.

Hannah studied Beauty Therapy (Level 3)

Grade: Pass


I’ve always been interested in beauty therapy, ever since I was young. I love going to beauty salons to see and experience how treatments are done. After taking the course, I realised that I was actually really good at it, which gave me a huge confidence boost.

“I enjoyed everything about this course, particularly the focus on developing my practical skills, my classmates and the realistic learning environment. We often had to perform the treatments on each other (in class), which was fantastic as not only do we learn so much from one another, it was also a lot of fun!”

I also love working at UCM’s training salon, Synnova. The clients are so lovely and they always seem happy with the treatments I give them; it is so rewarding to know that I’ve made them feel good about themselves.

I am very pleased with myself as I’ve just been employed by a spa and in fact, have already started training there. It is a wonderful feeling to be skilled in a profession that I have a huge passion for.